Welcome to the English section of the Nightline in Europe website!

Nightlines are a confidential listening and information service run by and for students overnight in their Universities. Nightlines are staffed by student volunteers who are trained by each Nightline to deliver a high quality service.

University is a time of many changes and challenges and being able to talk to a peer – someone who understands what you’re going through at your university and can empathise – can and does make a difference. Students at a university with a Nightline can talk to us about anything they like. We won’t judge and we won’t tell them what to do, but no matter what it’s about, we’ll listen. Nightline is confidential and anonymous; students don’t have to tell us anything about themselves, not even their name.

Callers come to us about anything and everything but common topics for students to discuss include academic stress, depression, loneliness, eating disorders, arguments with flatmates, career path, sexual abuse, worries about a friend, bereavement, relationship breakdown, sexuality, abortion, alcohol and drug abuse, family problems, discrimination, suicidal thoughts, disability, housing concerns, bullying, self harm, debt… There is no problem too big or too small – if it’s bothering a student, Nightline volunteers will be there to listen. Our volunteers don’t have the answers – they’re trained to actively listen, to help students come to their own solution or resolution. Nightline will listen for as long as students want to talk.

The Nightline Association is the UK version of the Nightline Foundation. It is a networking organisation which supports and represents 35 Nightline services in the UK and Ireland. More information about the Association can be found at http://www.nightline.ac.uk.

How can I volunteer for Nightline?

Anyone can apply to be a Nightline volunteer if they have a Nightline at their University. Check to see if you have a Nightline at your University on this site.

If you are already a Nightline volunteer in the UK at an Association affiliated Nightline and would like to stand for election for a National Executive or Regional post email enquiries@nightline.ac.uk for more information or keep an eye on this website – the majority of elections are held in March and will be advertised online.

If you don’t have a Nightline but are interested in setting one up we may be able to help you.

Found a Nightline

If you don’t have a Nightline but are interested in setting one up we may be able to help you.

If you are at a University in the UK or Ireland contact the Nightline Association , who will be able to support you. If you are in another European country, contact the Nightline Foundation at info@nightlines.eu.

If you are outside these areas we may still be able to support you – please contact the Nightline Association .